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Please let our staff know if you have any food allergies. All dishes within our menu have their specific allergen information displayed next to them.


About Noodles

It is believed that noodles originated from China as early as 5000 BC, then spread to other Asian countries. In recent years, noodles have also become very popular outside Asia and this popularity is likely to increase. During the 6th century and amidst numerous cultural exchanges, China shared the art of noodle making with Japan. As from that moment noodles became part of everyday life.

Nowadays noodles are much more than fast food, offering variety, versatility and high-quality nutrition. They have high carbohydrate content; they are low in salt and virtually no fat.

What is Sushi?

Is it raw fish? The simple answer is NO!

The term for raw fish is sashimi and it’s not the same as sushi. Sushi refers to foods that use rice seasoned with sweet rice vinegar. Sushi may have ingredients that include shellfish, cooked fish, meat, vegetables and yes… raw fish. However the main part of sushi is the Japanese rice. There are hundreds of kinds of sushi.

Health conscious individuals find sushi provides a nutritious meal without consuming excessive amounts of fat, cholesterol, sodium and calories! Compared with sandwiches from national fast food chains, sushi has less than half the calories and less than 20% of fat.

What are small eats?

These are similar to Chinese Dim Sum and Spanish Tapas and can be ordered as a starter, a side dish or several as a main course for one person.

Share! As with most small eats, the more people you have and the more dishes you order, the better the experience will be for everyone. It is a known practice for people from the East to order lots of small plated dishes with the purpose of sharing between friends and family, so everyone gets to taste and enjoy a little of everything!

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